Why Everyone Needs a Book Club

img_1980I started a book club with a group of friends a few months back. I wanted to start reading more but found myself slacking and needed moral support. Yes, I have a bad habit of not finishing books and I sometimes need people to convince me to finish one. Thankfully, I’ve been really enjoying the books that had been suggested so far and realized how beneficial a book club can be.

Here are a few things I love about book clubs:

  • Introduced to Different or New Genres
    For me, this part is huge. I often find myself sinking into fantasy or sci-fi books. It is not often that I veer off into other genres. Having a wide range of people in your book club can help to introduce you to more variety in your reading. They may even introduce you to a genre, style, series or author that you fall in love with. It is always great to try new things including indulging in new stories!
  • Have Someone to Cry With
    I don’t normally find tears streaming down my face when I read a book but I know that some people do. If you are someone who is easily moved by events in a book, it is great to have someone who has also read these turn of events and can share the emotional moment with you. These moments don’t always have to bring tears but good books often hook the reader into specific characters and what happens to the characters can feel like it is happening to the reader. It is good to have someone to share these moments with!
  • Having Friends to Support Your Reading Habits
    I was never a big reader. I wrote more than I read but I do have a lot of friends that live in books every day. Their excitement, when they finish reading their book, usually helps to urge me to continue and put time aside for my own reading. The less than stressful pressure of having a deadline and having friends who are expecting me to finish has allowed me to set more time aside for my readings rather than pushing it off for the next day. Moral support is always a plus when breaking into new habits.
  • Exploring New Worlds with Others
    Not only are you exploring a different world within a book but you are exploring a different world with other people. Reading isn’t like watching a movie. Everyone’s brain visualizes different things in the words that they read. Having group discussions at the end of your reading month will open you up to different perspectives of that world. Not only is this good to keep you open-minded but it allows you to see which aspects of writing you often overlook (Names, place descriptions, object importance etc). For instance, I am terrible with names and sometimes I read two characters as one. It is good to have people point that out to you!
  • No More Aimless Browsing
    When you dedicate your time to a book club, you’ll find yourself going to your book rather than spending endless hours browsing the internet.  I find that I am far more relaxed now that I spend some free time reading rather than anxiously searching for something on the internet that I already forgot because I got distracted by cute cat videos.

All in all, I find that my book club has helped me find a new appreciation and love for books. I recommend searching online for book clubs near you or even join an online one. If you can’t find one, why not get a small group of friends and start your own? I recommend adding a few people you know who really love to read to keep the others inspired.

What is your favourite genre, author and/or book?

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