Wells Gray Provincial Park

One of the best places in British Columbia to hunt waterfalls is Wells Gray Provincial Park. When planning our trip to the park, I had to consider the limited time we had to spend in this beautiful location. There are over 39 waterfalls in the park and I wanted to see them all but I only had a few days. As unrealistic as my goal was to see all of them in less than a week, we still had a blast seeing the larger main attractions and exploring some of the wilderness around the falls.

Our first stop after heading north from Clearwater BC, was Spahats Falls. It’s one of the easier waterfalls to get to so we made it a point to visit it again on our way out of the park. One benefit of visiting in spring instead of the summer is the higher water levels that make the waterfalls much larger. There are also a lot less people touring around in the spring so you get more chances to capture a beautiful picture without people blocking your view!

Roses near the falls

Standing above the falls looking over the canyon.

Water runoff near the falls creating smaller cascades.

Next on our list was the famous Helmcken Falls which, according to Well Gray’s website, is the 4th highest falls in Canada. Along the trails to the falls are signs that highlight fun facts about the natural formations created by the water and what kinds of plants and animals live in the park.

We also stopped at Dawson falls but the water was far too high to go to the base of the falls and the water too cold to swim in. I hope to come back to the park during the summer to view the falls when the water isn’t as high.

Downstream of Dawson Falls in a feature called The Mushbowl. The water was too high to see the spiraling water effect that happens during the lower water season but it was still pretty impressive to see that amount of water funnel through the banks. 

Walking behind Moul Falls was on my lists of things to do but the water was far too high to safely attempt this goal. It looks like I will have to go back to the park in the summer time to get the full waterfall experience. 

View above the falls.

Mini Fall next to Moul Falls!
Prepared to get wet!


I haven’t identified this yet. Thoughts? Comment Below!

There is so much to see and experience in Wells Gray Park. I look forward to my return trip! Here are some shots from the park! ENJOY!

Moose Poo!

Road Side Waterfall!


For those of you interested in where we stayed during our trip; we stayed at the Wells Gray Guest Ranch. I would defiantly stay there again. It was a great and cozy place to set up your adventure base camp!


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