Ways to Start Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin

In a world where we are pressured to look a certain way, dress a certain way, or even feel a certain way, it comes as no surprise that many people have had moments of self-doubt, vulnerability and insecurity. Everyone has had some struggle with their self-esteem at some point in their life time. The media is constantly bombarding us with images of today’s unrealistic beauty standards which makes it easier for us to pick out things we don’t like about ourselves than looking at things we love about ourselves. Feeling confident in your own skin starts with taking care of yourself and not by listening to what other people say.

Here are a few practices to help make you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

You probably hear this a lot but it is because it is true. Your body needs exercise to work properly and to make it feel good. If you take care of your body, you’ll learn to appreciate it more. You don’t need to be in the best shape possible to feel good. Exercising will help to improve your mood and will help you feel better about the way you look.

How does this help you right now? If you start now, you will be proud of yourself for not putting it off for another day. Even going onto Youtube and finding a yoga instructor that makes you feel comfortable and at peace is a great start. Give your body 15-30 minutes of your time today, it deserves it. Be excited for what your body can do and what you can become. 


Here is another one you may hear a lot. It may feel awkward at first but smiling has been known to improve mood, relieve stress and help to keep you thinking positive. Try it now. You might even catch yourself laughing in a good way for feeling silly and that is okay. Laughing is another great way to improve your mood. Do it often as smiling and laughing are contagious. There are endless studies about smiling and how it can benefit you in many ways including boosting your immune system. Smiling is an easy and instant way to take care of yourself.

Rest and Relax.
People underestimate that power of a good nap or the benefit of a full night’s sleep. Feeling fully rested can help take away the groggy grumps and make you feel more energised and excited about your life. Even taking a moment to sit with yourself and meditate on what makes you feel happy and at peace can help boost your confidence and positive awareness. It is important, during meditation, to make sure that your body’s posture is good. Having good posture can help make you feel alert and awake which in turn, helps with your overall confidence level.


Make a List.
Write down a list of things to do that you think will help you feel more confident in your body. Then, make sure to add time into your day to complete items on your list whether it is to drink more water, exercise more, eat healthy or simply smile. Making lists can make you feel excited for the future and acknowledges that you want to make positive changes in your life. Lists are great reminders of what you want to get done and the satisfaction of checking off daily lists will make you feel more confident and successful.

Don’t compare.
This idea not only benefits you but other people in your life. Believe that you are fine just the way you are because it is the truth. Don’t compare yourself to others or others to you. You don’t need to find ways to impress people because you are happy with who you are. If there is something you like about someone, celebrate it. Don’t envy it. If it is something you can get with hard work, aim for it but don’t dwell on things you can’t have or control.


Get to know yourself.
If you can feel comfortable with who you are, you are less likely to be swayed by other people’s comments about you. Have fun with this. Take yourself on a date and mentally ask yourself questions you would want to know the answers to about someone else. Take online questioners. If you truly feel upset about how you look, figure out where that comes from and try to change it. Take time to celebrate yourself and to understand yourself. Where do your thoughts come from, what makes you happy, what do you want in life, the list goes on. Don’t be afraid to be silly. 

Change Your Mindset.
Change negative phrases into positive ones. Examples, “I work out because I love my body” vs “I work out because I hate my body.” Change your views on failing and realise that failing is learning. If you failed at something, what can you learn from it? A lot of people find scribbling positive thoughts into a journal or on pieces of paper help to improve the way they think. Have a gratitude jar and don’t be ashamed to write about all the things you love about your body and your soul.

Never be ashamed or assume arrogance for loving yourself. You deserve self-love.




Original post written by me on Pepperandgem. 

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