Spring Camping and Cheese (Salt Spring Island, B.C)

What a View!

Despite the cold wet weather of the West Coast, my partner and I decided it would be good for us to get away from the city for a few days. One of our favorite places to go is Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The long weekend was approaching so we decided it would be best to go a few days before the campsite became to crowded with people trying to escape the city.Thankfully, the campsite is not too far from home. It is about a half hour ferry ride from Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island and then a fun drive along winding roads on Salt Spring Island. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we were the only ones camping on the south side of the campsite. On top of that, we were greeted by a river otter, a harbor seal and a sea lion! Unfortunately, taking photos of them with my current camera equipment makes them look like little blobs in the ocean and not real creatures.  I did manage to snap a quick photo of a sea lion when one of them decided to bark at me.
Because it is still the early spring, we made sure to bring extra clothes and warm blankets! I always bring extra blankets when I go camping (as long as it is not a long hike-in-campsite which Ruckle Park is not. They do not allow cars to drive up to the sites but they offer wheel barrows to allow you to haul your stuff to your campsite). I do recommend bringing extra blankets and clothing if you decide to camp in the spring because Ruckle Park is in a rainforest after all. 

The ferries pass every hour or so which helps you keep time!

Some Sites are a Bit Wet in the Spring.
The campsite has a range of field campsites, forest campsites and shoreline campsites! They offer group campsites but you have to reserve for those
Many animal friends paid us a visit.
View from our Tent!

When the tides are low, there are plenty of tide pools for you and your family to explore just take heed of the ferry wakes as they tend to make big waves along the shore. 

Rain drops in the tide pools!

Night at Ruckle Park is just as beautiful as the day! We were lucky enough to see some bright sun sets while visiting.

Part of Ruckle Provincial Park is a Heritage Farm. It’s a short drive or hike from the Ruckle Park Campsite. There were a lot of sheep roaming freely when we arrived. I’m not sure if this is normal but we certainly took advantage of it! The spring lambs were running around! 

This chicken followed us around and wiped it’s face on us (or side pecked us) casually.

Lazy sheep does not know if it wants to stand or sit.

A very popular place to visit while on Salt Spring Island is the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company. Their cheese is amazing! Not only do they have a tasting room where you can taste and buy all the cheese you want, they also have areas where you can see baby farm animals (ducks, chicks, goats, sheep, etc). 

Our last day was Saturday and we spent the morning at the Saturday Market. This market is extremely popular with the locals and nearby residents. There are many awesome vendors here with local produce and handmade products. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the market because I was too busy sampling items and visiting friends.

Here are some other photos I took during our stay:

We saw a lot of animals while we visited the island. Here is a list of all the little critters who paid us a visit: 
Canadian Geese (Some campsites have lots of their poop on the ground! Beware) 
Sea Lion (Hung out in the water and occasionally barked at us)
Turkey Vultures
Harbor Seals (They usually just hung out in the water near our camp)
River Otters (He actually camp up to our camp as we finished packing and rolled around in the grass for a few minutes!) 
Lots of Misc Birds 


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