Sally Hansen Nail Polish and Local Bath Bombs!

I’ve been loving bath bombs lately. After a long day of work, I love jumping into the bath and dropping in a scented bath bomb. This summer, I have been going to a lot of local markets where I buy locally grown produce and handmade products. At one of the markets, I came across a stand that sold handmade soaps (there are actually a lot of soap stands). The soap company’s name is Crafty Phasees and they have fun scents like “Banana Carmel Cake!” I bought three packages of three bath bombs from them as they were decently priced for bathbombs. It was buy 3 for $10 or $4 each. Considering how expensive bath bombs usually are, I thought this was a great deal. Not only were they inexpensive, they had wonderful scents and came in neat little packages with a bead tied around the top. The Crafty Phasees bath bombs don’t smell as strongly as the Lush ones do but they still help relax the body with their subtle scents and fizzing properties!

To add to my future spa night (I usually have at least one ‘spa night’ when I buy new bath bombs), I decided to purchase some new colours for my nails. I don’t normally buy nail polish because my nails tend to break or are often too short to paint without looking like baby carrots.  Anyways, I bought some nail polish by Sally Hansen. I’ve only tried the “Go for Gold” but I am loving it so far. The texture is a bit strange to me (because of the sparkles) so I used a clear top coat to smooth it out. The gold nail polish dried really fast and stayed on even after washing the dishes. I’ve been on their website and they have simple tutorials on some pretty nail art. I will probably experiment with more colours to test out these tutorials on a later date!

I also realized that I have some colour themes going on this summer! I’m loving the coral colours and light bluish greens!


IMG_8773 IMG_8748 IMG_8751 IMG_8752 IMG_8761 IMG_8760 IMG_8759 IMG_8757 IMG_8754 IMG_8763 IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8766 IMG_8767 \
IMG_8772 IMG_8771 IMG_8769 IMG_8768 IMG_8774

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