Pumpkin Picking!

We’ve had a very wet season this year. The farm fields had flooded but that did not stop us from going out there and finding our perfect pumpkin! We always go to Michell’s Farm and when I say always, I really mean the last two years.

This sign made me excited. Couldn’t wait to start my search.
Follow the rules.

Normally, the fields are more orange than green (or in this case: brown) but we went late this year since we put pumpkin picking off due to bad weather. When we both had a day off and the sun was shining, we set off to find our perfect pumpkin. We arrived at the farm early in the morning to find that there were already families moving about on the field, taking photos and finding the best pumpkins. Despite the amount of water on the field and all the squished and rotting pumpkins, there were quite a few amazing ones as well. There were smaller ones that were a little bigger than my hand (I have tiny hands) and then there were ones that were bigger than my head and hard to lift (I have a big head).

In our travels, we found a few good pumpkins but left them were they were because we wanted to see the entire field before deciding on which one would come home with us. You have to be picky when you’re picking.

The following are some photos from our ‘tour’ around the field.

Some good ones and some mushy ones <3
This was one option.
The farmers had already twisted the pumpkins off of the plants.
This use to be a scarecrow but we had some really big storms this last week which caused him to partially lose his hair and top.
Food for the crows.
Watery grave.
I actually find this quite pretty. We did not venture in this area for fear that we would have the same fate as these pumpkins.
I think this was a prop to have pretty photos taken with the family. Not so cozy now.
Despite all the water, these pumpkins were in pretty good shape.
poor upside down pumpkin.
Blunt force trauma?
This is where they put all the healthier pumpkins. A bit muddy but still good! Yeah, still good.

We examined quite a few pumpkins before finally settling on one that had a great flat carving surface. I’m super excited to carve my pumpkin and roast up some seeds! Time for a pumpkin party!

Examining the pumpkins for soft spots or mold.
This is my take home pumpkin!
This is my take home pumpkin!



Where do you get your pumpkins?
One year, when all the pumpkins were gone, I used a watermelon and a turnip! The traditional jack-o-lantern was actually from a turnip!

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