Marble Polymer Clay Bowl

I had a dream about making a “Pinch Bowl” so I decided I would try to make one. I mashed together a few bits of fairly dry polymer black clay and some softer white polymer clay. I used my thumb to knead some of the softer areas of black into the white until I got a marbled appearance. It doesn’t have to be perfect because marble is certainly not perfect.

To get the shape (i cheated and did not pinch the sides like one is suppose to when making a pinch bowl), I used a glass ball and formed the clay around it (being careful not to push to hard and get the clay stuck on the glass). When I got the shape I wanted, I took a dull knife (butter knife would work) and carefully cut along the top of the bowl (while it was still attached to the glass ball) to create a straighter edge. Carefully, I peeled the clay bowl off the glass and adjusted any sides that slumped.

Then, I put the clay on a tray in the oven and followed the instructions on the box for baking time. You can still make bowls with air dry clay (which is less expensive) but I had a bunch of polymer clay around and decided to use up my current supply rather than purchasing more.

Wherever I left the black clay chunky, I realized it looked a bit like Cookies n’ Cream ice cream so I guess you can say that I made a false marble and Cookies n’ Cream ice cream bowl.



img_1113 img_1114 img_1115

img_1119 img_1120 img_1121 img_1122 img_1123

I really liked this effect and will try making larger bowls and containers in the future.

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