Horsefly, BC (Waterfall Quest)

Horsefly, BC.

Before I left on my trip (B.C Waterfall trip), I did a lot of research about areas with waterfalls in the Caribou region of British Columbia. I had never heard of Horsefly, BC until I came across a blog called Horsefly Waterfall Quest where the author lists nearby waterfalls and fairly detailed directions to these falls. Some of the falls are near each other while others are further away. Because of this, we decided it would be best to camp out and spend roughly two days in Horsefly.

We stayed at the Horsefly Lake Provincial Park. The road to the park is a little narrow and rough but we survived in our truck (that is not a four wheel drive). The drive was well worth it and we will definitely be coming back here. The ranger was extremely helpful and kind. The location was beautiful and peaceful and we had most of the campsite to ourselves.

We did not go to all the waterfalls on the waterfall quest simply because we did not have the appropriate vehicle for such a journey. I do recommend bringing a lot of bug spray when you go to the falls especially if you are going in the early spring time like we did. Bugs or not, the small hikes were worth it in the end. Check out the Horsefly Waterfall Quest Blog for more details on how to get to each of the waterfalls. They are all on back roads and some of them are in the back country so be bear aware!

Oh! Before I forget! The waterfalls (at least in the spring time) are much larger than they appear in photographs! I was pleasantly surprised by this! <3

Enjoy the photos!






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