Historic Hat Creek Ranch and Murray Creek Falls (BC Waterfall Road Trip)

The second waterfall (after Flood Falls) on our BC Waterfall trip was Murray Falls in Spence’s Bridge. I thought that this waterfall would be the easiest to find because it appeared (online) to be connected to the main road. I was wrong. In fact, you have to cross the bridge, take the first right, drive through a residential area, cross some railroad tracks and take the road along the river. The road near the water was very hard to see from where we were originally so I had to climbed out of the truck to see if there was in fact a road that led to the falls. We drove a little ways until we found a spot on the side of the road where it was safe to pull over. The water in the river was high so we did not want to park too close to the edge in case the bank was unstable. You can see the top of the falls from here so you basically cross the rail road tracks on foot, look for a little path opening in the trees and follow it to the base of the falls. Be warned, there are a lot of mosquitoes here in the springtime. Once you find the trail, it’s a very short and easy hike to the base of the falls. 

Murray Falls is pretty dam (pun intended) neat. The area surrounding the falls is so dry yet the falls have created a beautiful little oasis around it (which may or may not be invested with mosquitoes that latch onto you).

There is a little foot bridge near the base of the falls.

Continuing our journey north, along the Gold rush trail (Caribou wagon trail), we were able to see so many beautiful mountains. I was born and raised in British Columbia and I am still surprised at the variety of landscapes scattered throughout. I grew up in a heavily forested mountainous area and I always forget that a few hours away, British Columbia has a desert with bare mountains. 

Only now do I realize that there is a face towards the top left of the photo.
Beautiful valley. We saw a lot of trains on our trip.
I love the landscape changes.
Apparently this is called Frog Rock (?). We met a man on our journey that told us about it. It’s normally exposed but the river was so high that it just looked like a mound of water.
Mmmmm. Stratigraphy.

We stayed our first night at the Historic Hat Creek Ranch in Cache Creek, BC. They have a small camping area for those who just want to tent it up. There is also an area for RVs. If you are looking for something a little more fun, they do have miners’ tents, a wagon, and teepees that you can rent. We spent a night in the covered wagon and now one of our life goals is to have one of these in our garden. It was really cozy but it’s not sealed so be prepared for some bugs (not a lot). 

We arrived at the ranch after the park was closed but we were still allowed to walk around for a little tour before they completely closed it off. Unfortunately, this meant we missed all the actors and activities but we did capture some lovely pictures and saw a lot of adorable animals. 

One of the bunks in the wagon.
Grass covered pit house. It was so beautiful but there was a lot of water inside it.
Pig Pen.
Old outhouse. Not sure how structurally sound it is.
This is the wagon we stayed in. There was a little (high water) creek to the right of it.

That stare though

Thus concluded our first night on the road. Next stop: The Chasm, 100 Mile House Centennial park waterfall, and Barkerville! 


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