Hidden Waterfalls (Goldstream Park, B.C)

As some of you may know, from reading Goodbye 2016, Hello New Life  post, I have been planning a waterfall trip around British Columbia for 2017. I’m not sure how many waterfalls I will actually visit but I’m hoping to see a lot!

There are a few waterfalls around my home in Victoria that I’ve never seen before so I decided to start my waterfall quest there. The first one I visited is called Niagara Falls (don’t be deceived by the name). It’s across the highway from Goldstream Provincial Park which is also a great place to visit. It’s a bit tricky to get to the falls from the park unless you are willing to play a real life game of Frogger (which we did). You could also go through a tunnel under the highway that a creek runs through but it was a bit too deep for us this time so we decided to try our hand at dodging traffic. I believe there is also a small parking lot off the highway but it’s a bit tricky to get to since the highway is narrow and busy.

As you can imagine, we made it across the highway safely. The falls is not very far from the highway once you are across. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived. I was thinking the waterfall was going to be tiny as I’ve been to the Goldstream park many times without knowing of its existence. I rounded a corner and saw a small waterfall in the distance. I became very excited only for my boyfriend to point out that the falls I was looking at was not in fact the one we came to find. He then turned my attention further to the left where the Niagara Falls towered over us. It was beautiful and breathtaking!

Small run off that I mistaken for the actual waterfall!

After visiting the falls for a good chunk of time, we started our hike up the mountain towards the old train trestles. It is recommended that you not go onto the trestle but many people do anyways. If you are afraid of heights, I do not suggest going onto the trestles. There are no rails on the Goldstream Train Trestle and falling off of it would most likely lead to death.

We decided to continue our trek through the rain forest to an old mine cave. It’s tiny and very damp but the pretty hike made it worth it. We even saw a few more  (small) waterfalls on the way.

We crossed the highway and started to walk back towards our truck. We were greeted by a small waterfall on the side of the highway! <3

If one were to follow the train tracks or hiking trails back towards Victoria, they would most likely come across Goldstream campground. Along the river near the campground is another waterfall (in the spring, there are multiple). We did not go to the campground on the same day that we went to Niagara Falls because we had run out of daylight. Our trip to the campground was a few months later and I was not disappointed.

At first, it was a bit confusing to find the trail to Goldstream Falls because there was so much construction happening at the campground (It looks like they are expanding their site). Once we did find the trail head (not a lot of parking there), it was a short hike to the falls. Since it was early spring, the water run offs made the rain forest extra damp which allowed for smaller waterfalls to appear. I think we were lucky because the falls were very wide due to the spring run off. Looking at reviews, people did not like the falls but I loved them! Not only was there the main falls but to the right, there was a curtain of water coming off the side of the hill which made it look like a fresh water shower! There was also a beautiful mini falls near the stairway coming down. It was very peaceful there but I can understand how it may be a negative experience if you arrive in the summer when the campers are out and the water is low.

If you are interested in some videos of the falls, please follow the links below to my Instagram videos! Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Instagram Video of Falls

Instagram Video of the Area



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