Happy Earth Day! (Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary)

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a happy earth day. I always feel like a hypocrite typing that while using a laptop. I can assure you that I did spend some time in nature enjoying the fresh rainy air. 

Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary was holding a Native Plant Sale that I really wanted to attend not only to purchase some plants for my home but to see the variety of plants they had that are native to British Columbia.

It started off as a beautiful sunny day and within ten minutes (like our usual coastal weather) ended up turning into a beautiful rainy day. I am always amazed at how secluded a place can seem even within the boundaries of a busy city. All the buds were coming out and I got to see quite a few ducks, birds and even a few hummingbirds.

I’ll post a few pictures of where I ventured today in case you are interested in seeing! I did buy some strawberry plants at the plant sale and spent a few minutes within the nature house (a place where you can learn more about the area). I hope you enjoy the photos!


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