Essential Oils: My Top Favorites and Their Uses!

I am a nut for essential oils. I can confidently say that I use at least one kind a day. I use them in my baths, I put some on my pillow before bed and I even use them for skin care. Below are just a few essential oils that I use regularly. 


If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I am obsessed with lavender. I absolutely love the smell of it and the effect it has on my skin. Lavender is the one oil that I carry around with me wherever I go. I get bouts of anxiety quite frequently and I use the scent of lavender to calm myself down. If I am having trouble sleeping, I often drop a few droplets of lavender onto my pillows and blankets or rub it on my wrists to help me sleep. If you do not feel comfortable dropping bits of oil onto your blankets and pillows, try diluting the oil in some water and put it in a spray bottle for a lavender spray mist.

I love buying lotions with lavender in it because it helps with inflammation and can help with acne and other facial blemishes. I put lavender lotion on my face every morning before putting on my make-up. In the summer, lavender lotion helps sooth sunburns. Lavender is also great as a lip balm to help heal chapped lips!

Lavender massage oil is probably one of my favorite uses for the essential oil. Of course, you kind of need another person to help you out with this one. I love getting and giving massages with lavender oil right before bed. It helps relieve muscle pain and helps your body relax. If you don’t like massages (what is wrong with you?!) but still want a lavender way to relax, drop a few droplets of oil in your warm bath water! I do this almost every time I have a bath before bed or a bath after a long busy day (Add a bit of Epsom salts or lavender bath bubbles!)

Not only is lavender great for helping to reduce anxiety, calm your nerves and help you to relax, it is an amazing item you should take camping! Lavender oil repels mosquitoes and can be used to help sooth and heal burns, cuts, bruises and insect bites. I always take a bottle with me! I’m the prettiest smelling camper!

If you suffer from motion sickness or get car sick, try taking some lavender on the road with you as it helps to reduce nausea. I always have a small bottle of lavender in my bag no matter where I go! I love this! I do not know if I can live without my lavender oils! I have at least six bottles around my tiny apartment.



Rose is another great essential oil to help calm your nerves. I use it in my bath water (when I am not using Lavender) to boost my mood and help relieve symptoms of depression. I also use it as a fragrance or perfume. Basically, I use rose oil whenever I want to feel like a princess and smell like one too. Rose oil is also very good for keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy!


Peppermint is another big one for me. It has similar uses as rose and lavender but I find this one is more energizing than relaxing. It is a great aid in helping you focus during long periods of writing or during long tests.

I use peppermint to help relieve nasty headaches, motion sickness and car sickness. I usually bring peppermint with me if I expect to ride on a bus for long periods of time (usually around the holidays when I am stuck on a 13 hour bus ride). Not only does it relieve nausea, it also helps to mask any nasty smells that you may find yourself sniffing while being packed on a bus for a long time.

Once, my friend was stuck on a Greyhound bus next to a drunk who threw up. A lady gave her peppermint oil to survive the remaining bus ride and offered it to anyone nearby. Poor thing. Wonderful ol’ lady!

Gross…Moving on…

Like lavender, peppermint can be used to relieve bug bites, wounds and cuts. I still prefer lavender for this because peppermint is much stronger in smell and can be overwhelming if you are covered in it.


Tea tree

For me, tea tree oil comes out when I am sick. I use tea tree oil in my bath when the flu is going around. It acts as a natural disinfectant.

*Be careful when adding tea tree to your bath. It can irritate skin and cause rashes or burns. I always dilute mine before putting it near my skin!*

Oddly enough, it is also used to help relieve small burns, pimples, insect bites, and rashes. Always test out a small amount before applying to your skin. This goes for any type of essential oil.

If you put 1-2 drops of tea tree into your water bottle it can help fight against water borne pathogens and can help you internally fight against parasitic infections.

I also use the scent to clear out any congestion I may be having while I’m sick. I also use a lot of facial cleaners from The Body Shop that have tea tree in it. It is a great cleanser for your skin as it helps reduce acne.


Last, but certainly not least, is Eucalyptus. I suffer from allergies and occasionally get quite congested even when I am not sick. I use eucalyptus oil to reduce congestion and open my airways. Like most of the other oils, I add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to my bath water or a cup of hot steaming water and inhale deeply. Sometimes, I just open the bottle and inhale directly from the source without taking any droplets out.

When I am sick or congested around bedtime, I will sprinkle drops of oil onto my pillows or blankets. If I am really congested, I will gently rub some eucalyptus oil under my nose to help relieve congestion so I can fall asleep.

Eucalyptus also helps relieve headaches and can be used as a chest rub to aid in respiratory wellness and clear sinus congestion.


Here are a few of my other favorites which I do not use as often:

  • Clove Oil (great for tooth aches-don’t get it on your lip! It burns!)
  • Lemongrass
  • Seasonal Scents (pumpkin spice, apple cider, etc)


Do you have a favorite essential oil?

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