Chasm and 100 Mile House Falls

Continuing North towards Barkerville (our final destination on our second day of our BC Waterfall Trip), we stopped at a viewpoint called The Chasm. It is located a few minutes off highway 97 near Chasm, B.C and is part of the Chasm Ecological Reserve. I was not sure what to expect simply because I had only stumbled across this site when I was looking over Google Maps. I thought, since it was short drive from the highway and not much of a detour, that it would make a good rest stop on our journey. We were not disappointed. 

There is a hiking trail that goes along the outside of the Chasm and potentially into the Chasm but we were on a schedule and did not have the time to explore.  There are outhouses on site for those of you who would be interested in using this as a rest stop. The entire area is fenced off to prevent people from falling except near the hiking trails which is a short walk from the parking lot.

We continued our journey towards 100 Mile House where we grabbed some groceries, coffee and Timbits (from Tim Hortons). We took an hour or so to explore Centennial Park which is located in the downtown area of 100 Mile House. There are outhouses, flush toilets, large open green fields, ponds, creeks, playgrounds, and a waterfall. The waterfall is a short and very easy hike from the parking lot. I am not sure how big this waterfall is in the summer but it was pretty large when we went in the late spring due to the high water and the winter run off. Because of the high water and lack of railings in the late spring, I do recommend keeping a close eye on small children as there are no guard rails or fences to prevent them from falling into the rough rocky waters near the falls.

Identified as Bleeding Heart Flowers <3


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