Ways to Start Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin

In a world where we are pressured to look a certain way, dress a certain way, or even feel a certain way, it comes as no surprise that many people have had moments of self-doubt, vulnerability and insecurity. Everyone has had some struggle with their self-esteem at some point in their life time. The media […]

Why I Started Using a Calendar

I have always been a very organised person at work but only recently has this been a reality for my personal life. Since I was a kid I was always a go-with-the-flow type person and I rarely wrote anything down. As an adult, I am learning that it is good to be balanced which means allowing that […]

My Anxiety and How I Deal With It

Today, I am shifting things from my usual blog posts and talking about something a little more personal for me. We have all been through something that has made us feel anxious whether it is an exam we are studying for, a problem at work or even just a problem you have to deal with in […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

It is February and I have not posted in awhile but I can assure you, I’ve been doing many things that I am excited to report on! Gym Yep! You read that right! I tried out a free month pass at the gym and I am loving it. I really did not think I would […]

Goodbye 2016. Hello New Life!

Every New Year, people talk about how they want to change their life and work on personal goals. I am one of those people but I often start to fail a month in. This year, since I have a blog space, I decided that I would share a few of my 2017 life goals publicly. […]

Festival of Trees

This is going to be a quick little blog post. After my volunteering shift today, I went for a nice stroll through the Empress Hotel and the Bay Center to see the Festival of Trees. There are a lot of fun and festive trees this year. My favorite tree is the rose tree created by Garden […]

Essential Oils: My Top Favorites and Their Uses!

I am a nut for essential oils. I can confidently say that I use at least one kind a day. I use them in my baths, I put some on my pillow before bed and I even use them for skin care. Below are just a few essential oils that I use regularly.    Lavender If you […]

Why Everyone Needs a Book Club

I started a book club with a group of friends a few months back. I wanted to start reading more but found myself slacking and needed moral support. Yes, I have a bad habit of not finishing books and I sometimes need people to convince me to finish one. Thankfully, I’ve been really enjoying the […]

Archery Tag

Today, I did something new. Myself and a couple of friends decided to try a drop in Archery Tag with Clash of Arrows. Basically, you go around a field shooting each other with arrows that have foam on their tips. It is pretty fun and not painful at all unless you count the running and […]

Pumpkin Picking!

We’ve had a very wet season this year. The farm fields had flooded but that did not stop us from going out there and finding our perfect pumpkin! We always go to Michell’s Farm and when I say always, I really mean the last two years. Normally, the fields are more orange than green (or in […]