No Sew Floor Pillow

I love pillows. I love big soft pillows. Every month I host a Wine, Cheese and Disney Movie Night but there isn’t a lot of room on the couch or in my princess corner to allow everyone a cozy seat so I decided to make a new space. I really wanted a nice soft large […]

Marble Polymer Clay Bowl

I had a dream about making a “Pinch Bowl” so I decided I would try to make one. I mashed together a few bits of fairly dry polymer black clay and some softer white polymer clay. I used my thumb to knead some of the softer areas of black into the white until I got […]

Beach Glass

One of my favourite beach activities is collecting sea glass. Normally, I just find a few pieces here or there but, while my niece was visiting, we discovered a beach covered in sea glass. The beach was busy with beach goers, crab fishers and of course, other sea glass collectors. Finding a place near you […]

Upcycle: Jewellery

More crafting! Some of the best places to get craft supplies (for cheap) are from thrift stores and other second hand stores. I love buying old jewellery, packages of unused  and forgotten beads and making them into beautiful new jewellery. Below are some examples of things I’ve made from thrift store beads and wires. Any earring hook […]

Playing with Polymer!

I love polymer clay! I’m not the best at creating beautiful pieces of art with this particular clay but I love experimenting and making little critters. I posted a few pictures of some of the things I have created with polymer clay. It is a relaxing hobby but it can certainly be frustrating at times! […]

More Random Needle Felting!

This is more of a picture post to display some of my needle felting work. It is a great craft to get into but it can be very painful if you accidentally stab yourself with the specialised needles! Take a browse down and enjoy! If you have an recommendations on other critters I should make, […]

Reading Nooks

I don’t read as much as I would like but I do enjoy cozy little reading nooks as much as the next bookworm. I have, what I like to call, a Princess Corner in my house. It is a cozy little corner where guests and I can sleep, nap, read, or just hang out. The Princess […]

Felted Octopus

Usually, I like to create nerdy little critters from video games and anime but this time I decided to try something different. I created my very own purple polka dot octopus.  I may have had some inspiration from the “Purple People Eater” song but I can assure you that this little guy does not eat […]

Needle Felting Jiji

One of my hobbies is needle felting. Basically, it is where you gather different colors of wool and stab them into shapes until you get something as adorable as Jiji. It is a relaxing (sometimes painful) hobby that anyone can do. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to create wonderful pieces of art […]