Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Part 4)

Sunday was the busiest day of my weekend. My journey started at LT. General Ashton Armory. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be much here. It was the first time I heard about this place and it seemed hidden in an industrial area. When I finally arrived (planning my buses perfectly, I might add), I was pleasantly surprised by all the items within the armory. Not only did they have a handful of military vehicles you could climb in, they allowed you to dress up in some army gear for pictures. Unfortunately, I did not plan my visit well as I only had a half hour there. This was not enough time to partake in the fun dress up activities but I did manage to take a few fun photos!

After the armory, I headed downtown towards Ross Bay Cemetery. Across from the famous cemetery is an old historic house, called the Ross Bay Villa, that a group of volunteers are attempting to restore. Again, this was another place I had not heard about nor knew anything about. With a background in Anthropology and my own hand at Museum activities, I was fascinated with what they were doing here.

In each room there was a volunteer who was ready to tell you about the history of the house (specifically the room they were in) as well as what the volunteers had done in that specific room in regards to its restoration. There were a few before and after pictures to show their progress. Take a look at their website and consider volunteering there every Saturday if you are a local!

Wallpaper over the years! Wall stratigraphy!

After my visit at the Ross Bay Villa, I decided I would hike up to Fort street to visit the Craigdarroch Castle. It was a bit of a hike and I had decided to visit the Ross Bay Cemetery and the gardens at the Government House on the way. 

I made it to the Craigdarroch Castle an hour after it had opened. It was pretty busy but not so much that I couldn’t get good photos. If you’ve never been here before, I do recommend it. Admittedly, it doesn’t have a castle feel to it when you are inside but it is certainly worth a quick trip.

After my trip to the castle, I headed over to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I had never been here before and was very pleased with it. It is in walking distance from the castle if you walk along Fort Street. The gallery holds a lot of work of Emily Carr’s and other local artists’ work. Unfortunately, there was a special event going on that prohibited the public from viewing certain parts of the gallery.

To finish my day off, I bused up to Oak Bay Village and picked up some free cotton candy and other goodies from Sweet Delights and Roger’s Chocolates before heading North to Crumbsy’s Cupcake Cafe. I bought a late lunch and cupcakes before making my way down to Oak Bay beach where I enjoyed the last of the remaining sun.

While I was exhausted and pooped near the end of the weekend, I highly recommend taking advantage of Be a Tourist in Your Hometown.

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