Barkerville, BC

We spent a full day (two nights) in Barkerville. It was a fair bit of a drive but well worth it. The scenery was great all the way up and the weather was warm. We were the only ones at our campsite because we arrived a day before the camp was officially opened. We slept in the back of our truck but there are plenty of spaces for tents on Government Hill and there are small electric cabins that look pretty cozy. I believe these cabins are only a few years old and they were still working on some of them when we arrived. It’s a good option during those rainy days!

There are a lot of little creatures running around the campsite so be sure to keep an eye on your food. We had a visit from a few ravens, crows and jays. Beautiful creatures but they are little thieves!

This was pretty gross to be honest.

You can also rent out hotel rooms in Barkerville if you choose to stay in the town itself. I thought this was a very cool idea but the rooms where all booked when we were planning our stay.

There are plenty of activities for the whole family in Barkerville. When we were there, there were historic town tours, carriage rides, different kinds of demonstrations (Print making, metal working, archaeology, waterwheel etc), live entertainment and gold panning. We tried to take in as much as we could in one day and were pleased with our trip. We were a little disappointed with the gold panning because they give you a pan with dirt and gold already in it. I really like the process of shoving the pan into the dirt and trying to find gold myself but that wasn’t the case here. They do, however, give you good tips on how to properly pan (movements and what to look for) so despite being a little disappointed, we left with some new knowledge of the panning process.

Rhubarb was everywhere! Apparently it is one of the few edible plants they had in Barkerville because it would grow easily.

There are a lot of places to eat in Barkerville. There are a handful of restaurants and a bakery with delicious cinnamon buns. If you are a vegetarian (like myself), I recommend going to the Lung Duck Tong restaurant. I was happy to find a lot of vegetarian options in this China Town restaurant.

On our way back to camp, with our meals in our bags, we were harassed by a brave little ground squirrel. I think it could smell our food. It was a good reminder that we were still in the wilderness and bigger creatures like bears might be interested in what were were carrying. Be Bear Aware!

Something smells good.
What’s in that bag?
Can I have some?

Even though we did not expect to see any waterfalls on our quick stop in Barkerville (which was part of our BC Waterfall Trip), we saw a few. Most of the waterfalls were caused by winter run off and I doubt they would be around in the heat of the summer. I did not capture all of them but I did manage to take pictures of two.

Run off near our campground
On the way to Richfield

We also braved the lone trek to Richfield Court House. It was a bit confusing and we were a little worried about getting lost (there were a few fork in the roads) Apparently, the court house is visited more in the summertime because they do mock trials there. It was closed while we were visiting but you were still allowed to hike to it with caution.

Possible Lynx or bobcat tracks. Maybe a young cougar?

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