Ways to Start Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin

In a world where we are pressured to look a certain way, dress a certain way, or even feel a certain way, it comes as no surprise that many people have had moments of self-doubt, vulnerability and insecurity. Everyone has had some struggle with their self-esteem at some point in their life time. The media […]

Why I Started Using a Calendar

I have always been a very organised person at work but only recently has this been a reality for my personal life. Since I was a kid I was always a go-with-the-flow type person and I rarely wrote anything down. As an adult, I am learning that it is good to be balanced which means allowing that […]

Happy Earth Day! (Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary)

Just a quick post today to wish everyone a happy earth day. I always feel like a hypocrite typing that while using a laptop. I can assure you that I did spend some time in nature enjoying the fresh rainy air.  Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary was holding a Native Plant Sale that I really wanted to […]

My Anxiety and How I Deal With It

Today, I am shifting things from my usual blog posts and talking about something a little more personal for me. We have all been through something that has made us feel anxious whether it is an exam we are studying for, a problem at work or even just a problem you have to deal with in […]

Spring Camping and Cheese (Salt Spring Island, B.C)

Despite the cold wet weather of the West Coast, my partner and I decided it would be good for us to get away from the city for a few days. One of our favorite places to go is Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The long weekend was approaching so we decided it […]

Hidden Waterfalls (Goldstream Park, B.C)

As some of you may know, from reading Goodbye 2016, Hello New Life  post, I have been planning a waterfall trip around British Columbia for 2017. I’m not sure how many waterfalls I will actually visit but I’m hoping to see a lot! There are a few waterfalls around my home in Victoria that I’ve never seen before so […]

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Part 4)

Sunday was the busiest day of my weekend. My journey started at LT. General Ashton Armory. Honestly, I didn’t think there would be much here. It was the first time I heard about this place and it seemed hidden in an industrial area. When I finally arrived (planning my buses perfectly, I might add), I […]

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Part 3)

Butchart Gardens Saturday was suppose to be the busiest day for me but I got sick. I managed to tour around Butchart Gardens for an hour and a half before I had to go home. Even though I had only a short amount of time to wander the gardens, I felt that I got to […]

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Part 2)

Friday  Due to its location and my lack of transportation I decided to only visit Gardens at the HCP on Friday (February 24th). Despite it being winter on the West Coast during this time, the gardens were beautiful. The The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific (HCP) has a Bonsai Garden, a Winter Garden, a Takata Garden (Japanese ‘less […]

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown (Part 1)

  Once every year, Victoria  holds a four day event called “Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown” where people can purchase VIP cards that allow them to receive discounts and/or free admissions to local businesses within the Greater Victoria Area. I was lucky enough to have the four days off from other responsibilities and […]