Archery Tag

Today, I did something new. Myself and a couple of friends decided to try a drop in Archery Tag with Clash of Arrows. Basically, you go around a field shooting each other with arrows that have foam on their tips. It is pretty fun and not painful at all unless you count the running and squatting.

We played a variety of archery tag games like Dodge Ball (Dodge Arrow?), Capture the Flag, and Death Match. I feel I don’t have to explain Dodge Ball or Capture the Flag since they are common games that most children have played. Death Match is basically like dodge ball where you hit people on the opposite team however, once they are hit, they are out for good. The games are short so if you are hit at the beginning, you aren’t waiting long.

Not the best photo but at leas you can see the bow and arrow. We also wear paintball masks to prevent injuries to our face. It was a mock photo. We never had time to take photos while we played so we set one up during our break.

I was only hit a few times during the games. That being said, I did manage to get a blister on my right index finger. Many of us ‘noobies’ developed blisters from the string. I also managed to get a small bruise on my left forearm because my bow slipped and the string hit my skin. I did not notice my ‘injuries’ until we were packing up at the end.

It was $20/person for two hours of fun. It is a bit expensive but I did have a lot of fun and I’m glad we spent the money. I do believe that it gets cheaper when you bring more people to join or you are a returning player.

If you have something like this around your home, I do recommend trying it out. It is a lot of fun! We are all considering archery lessons now!


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